A Mini Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be showing you the mini haul I did during last week. This is a mini haul because I only bought 5 things which is a tiny amount for a haul. Let’s get going!

So the first thing I got is this amazing thing called Oil Mattifying Lotion from ClearSkin. Wow! This has help me so much last week as my skin gets so oily. You basically rub a tiny bit all over your face and in a few minutes your face will be so smooth and moisturized yet not oily at all. The best thing about  this is that using a tiny bit can cover your whole face which means it will last for a really long time.


The next thing is a bath bomb from lush. To be honest, I looked on the website but do not know  what this is called; please look at the picture I took and try to figure out what this is. Anyway, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about that bath bomb is the smell. It is just incredible! I adored the rose buds floating around in my bath, and along with the smell of the bath bomb it created a very calming environment. Also, I have sensitive skin (as well as oily skin) so it was really nice and not irritating. Furthermore, this is a mini version of the big one because I have a big basket of bath bombs and I didn’t really want so much more.

rose bud

The third product I got is a Dead Sea Face Mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I absolutely love face masks and I have quite a lot of them. It is a wash off mask that contains sea salt. The packaging is really good and it’s easy to open which is great (I always have trouble opening beauty products!!). Normally, I use 7th heaven masks which is also from Montagne Jeunesse. To be honest, I just love everything about 7th heaven. Their website is bright and attractive, their ingredients for face masks match amazingly (banana & honey and even a HOT CHOCOLATE mask – I know right!) and lastly they have a variety of things to choose from and not just face masks.

Click Here to look at 7th heaven’s website.

salt mask

The fourth item I purchased was a product from Cantu Beauty. To be honest, I had never heard of it before but I needed something to moisturize my hands so I got the Softening Body Butter. First of all, it smells A-MA-ZING! It literally smells like bubblegum! In addition, it’s really perfect for dry skin and absorbs really quickly. However, if you put too much on,it will become sticky and….gross.

cantu 2

Lastly, I got a Salt Scrub from Sanctuary Spa. It is really good! The iconic dead sea salt scrub eaves skin perfectly polished, smooth, healthy and gorgeously moisturised. Also, it gently exfoliates dead cells so that your skin doesn’t look flaky. It basically works by the oils soaking into the skin leaving it gleaming and exquisitely scented.


I hope you enjoyed!! Thank you for reading.




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