Easy DIY Apple Lip Scrub

Hello everyone,

today I am going to be showing how to make a cool apple lip scrub in simple steps. I’ve always loved watching or reading DIY’s so I hope you follow these steps to result in you have a beautiful-smelling lip scrub that moisturizes your lips throughout the day. Worrying about chapped lips is the last thing you would want to do on a hot, Spring day. This my first DIY on this blog so I really hope you enjoy me trying to make a tutorial 😉

So the first thing I had to get is a container – this can be any container that has a secure lid. The in a bowl I poured in some coconut oil and mixed it all up till smooth – this can be as much coconut oil as you want (btw – I am using a simple coconut oil from Superdrug). Next, I poured in some caster sugar. Again, it depends on how much coconut oil you put in because you won’t want to have a lot of coconut oil with only a tiny bit of sugar.

Once mixed a little bit, you can then start to slowly pour in your flavour while still mixing slowly – whether it was peppermint flavouring or orange flavouring, you would still have to follow the same routine. In this case it is apple. If you think that you would really want an apple lip scrub, but the apple is a bit to sweet for your liking, add a only a teaspoon of it or even a drop. It is your decision on how much you would like to add.

Then, start mixing again until you think that it is just the right consistency. Lastly, slowly put it into your container. If you would like, you can add a ribbon or a flower to make it look pretty.


Thank you for reading – I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial!!!





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