M&S Haul

Hi guys!!!

Today, I am back with another post which I have actually never got round to doing on this blog before: a m&s haul. The fact that I’ve never done a haul on this blog before really shocks me as I love to shop and buy new clothes not leaving out that this is a style blog as well as a beauty + lifestyle blog. I went out to m&s the other day (about a week ago) and I saw loads of summery clothes that I just couldn’t resist going in to buy… so I did. M&s is known for being quite expensive and most people don’t do haul from them but I am so let’s get started!

The first thing I picked up was this amazing pastel turquoise (is that a thing?) hoodie/jumper – jumper with a hood. As soon as I saw this, I just fell in love; it is really loose and thin which means that it would be nice for summer as well as the fact that it’s a really bright colour.  It has a black zip and pockets and… yeah, I really like this. Oh, I forgot to add, it was £10.


blue hoodie
Picture Off Me Wearing Hoodie

The next thing I bought was a pair of shorts that were £9. These are knee-length  and normally I wouldn’t buy knee-length shorts but I thought they would look really nice if I were to go to the beach – it would suit that kind of vintage look. They have golden buttons and elastic so that it would fit your waste.


The third thing that I bought from m&s were pj’s that were £13!! I honestly love Disney so when I saw these Belle pyjamas I just had to buy them. The t-shirt has a huge picture of Belle on it with silver sequins dotted everywhere around her and in her hair she has a 3D pink, satin rose and the sleeves are also slightly rolled up. The leggings are super soft and are a baby yellow (like the LIGHTEST yellow) and has different coloured roses on them.

The next thing is a pastel pink and white stripy bucket hat. This is super nice for the summer which is why I decided to buy it. Also, it ha pink and white daisy embroidery going around it.

bucket hat.jpg

The last thing I bought was a beautiful pastel turquoise (again) t-shirt that says ‘Swim with the mermaids’ and has the silver outline of a mermaid blowing bubbles which again I thought looked so nice and suited summer. By the way, this was £5.50!!! #pricey

So there you have it, that was my first haul on this blog. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading!!





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