My name is Zainab and I am 11 years old. I am an eager writer and love everything to do with beauty and style. My blogs started when I was 10 and I’ve had four since (two were deleted). Ever since, My best friend introduced me to the ‘YouTube World’ when I was nine, I’ve been passionate about that and always wanted to start my own YouTube channel. However, I decided to wait until I was a bit older. Even though, I couldn’t have my own channel yet, I still made my own private videos with my phone. Then, I realized that most youtubers had blogs so I made my one.

This was so great as I have adored writing ever since I was really young – I even remember writing as small book called ‘The Cat and Dog’ where I had stuck paper together and drawn various illustrations.

The name Zaisnapz came along from Instagram where my sister was making mean account and as it was photography, she emerged ‘snapz’ and the beginning of my name together to make Zaisnapz.

I hope enjoy reading my posts about beauty (such as: tutorials, reviews and new-in. etc), style (such as: OOTDs, lookbooks and new-in. etc) and lifestyle (such as: day-outs. etc).